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Espacio Automotor

Espacio Automotor is a car dealership operating from Sydney; we supply for all types of cars from top manufacturers from different part of the world. Our dealership is not restricted to car sales; we also help our customers to get the necessary funding for their acquisitions and insurance services for their property. All our services are focused on finding solutions to every automobile issue our customers may have.

What We Do

What We Do

Car Sales

Almost every family in Australia has at least a car; this shows how vital cars are to our daily living. Given this importance, finding the right car for you, your family, or business is something that must be taken seriously with full consideration for the impact of such purchase. Everyone wants a vehicle that will serve its purpose, and this is what you will get at our dealership. We stock only reliable and durable cars that you will enjoy no matter how long you use it as long as you use them appropriately.


One of the problems that most people face when it comes to buying cars is funding the purchase. A vehicle, whether business or personal is a major investment and when it comes to buying the right car, you should never let funds impede or delay you, not with the various car finance products out there. At Espacio Automotor, we can help to get the right finance product to buy your car, and you don't have to worry about unfavourable terms because we will ensure the obligations of the finance product does not affect your long-term or immediate financial stability.


For you to enjoy your vehicle and ensure it lasts as long as it should, there is a need for regular maintenance and servicing. At Espacio Automotor, we provide this service to keep your vehicle in the best conditions all the time. When you let us take care of servicing and maintenance for your car, you have nothing to worry about and can rest assured that your car will not disappoint you when you need it the most.


Everyone who owns property needs insurance to protect the property, but not everyone knows how to get the right insurance coverage for their property. Espacio Automotor has a team of insurance specialists who will help you find the right coverage and negotiate the best premiums as well. We provide general insurance services

About Us

About Us

We are a dealership that supplies cars and provides all automobile-related services to our customers. With a diverse team of dedicated staff experienced cars, finance, and insurance, our services are all-inclusive with quality on all fronts. Our team create a conducive and enabling environment for clients where every issue they may have with their vehicles is addressed to their satisfaction.