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Cars for sale

Are you looking for durable cars that you can rely on no matter the season, then Espacio Automotor is the place to come look for that particular car. As a reputable dealership, we have all types of cars you may be looking for. Our lot is filled with brand new cars from premium manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Volvo, Lexus, etc. We are accredited by these car manufacturers, so our cars are directly imported from the factory, which means their quality is unrivalled.

If you are looking used cars that with a guarantee on quality, you can also count on us. We understand that not many people can afford to buy a brand new car, so we also sell used ones. However, the fact that these cars are used does not in any way affect their quality and efficiency. We always ensure that quality is not compromised on any product we supply. This premised on our business principle, which is to give customers the best value their money can get. Our reputation in the industry is built on this value creation, and we ensure that every customer that patronises us can vouch for our cars and recommend us to others.

What We Consider Before Stocking a Car


This is the first quality we look for in all the cars in our lot. We ensure that each vehicle can withstand the pressures of daily use, long hours of usage at times, poor roads, etc. We believe that for the investment in a car to be justified, it must be reliable and give the owner peace of mind. So when you get a vehicle from us, be it new or old, you don’t have to worry about an unexpected breakdown, all you have to do is give it proper maintenance and get regular servicing even when the car seems perfectly fine to you.

People choose cars for various reasons, sometimes for the ruggedness of the car structure, other times for the sleek body. Whichever reason you have, you cannot deny that the aesthetics of a car is something that influences your choice. We understand this, so we consider the car appearance too. Our vehicles are manufactured by craftsmen manufacturers who design the car body and interior in the most exquisite manner. There is no mistake in our cars designs; every added curve and contour is specifically fashioned with a purpose in mind. Sometimes, the aim is for you to get a car you will be proud of.

When it comes to the engine, we are very particular about the quality that comes with the car. Whether the vehicle is used or new, the engine is something that we don’t compromise on. With used vehicles, the engine is tested multiple times under different conditions to ensure that it will perform no matter what. Another factor related to the engine is fuel usage. Our vehicles are efficient in their fuel use, using a relatively low amount of fuel over a long distance. The cost of fuel is one of the biggest recurrent expended that a car owner may incur. We ensure that our car owners are not unnecessarily burdened with this type of cost.

  • If you care about the brand, then we do too. A car is not just for functional purposes; it could also be used to make a statement about you or your business personality. We understand this, which is why we only stock cars by popular and premium brands with a long history of producing quality. The idea of stocking only vehicles by top manufacturers is not just about the name of the brand, it is also about the convenience that comes with driving a popular brand when you need to service or repair your car, or you are trying to replace parts of the car.

Whether you need the car for personal purposes or you are buying for commercial reasons, we stock different cars that perform either function optimally. Business or pleasure are just words that do not restrict our vehicles; you can always customise each vehicle to your purpose and have a great time.

We place a particular emphasis on the interior of our vehicle and how easy it is for anyone to drive the car, regardless of whether the person is a veteran driver or someone who just learnt to drive today. Our cars come with various features that optimise the driving experience for you while ensuring your safety throughout the journey. With plush interior, seats, and various standard and customisable features that come with our cars, you don’t want to be on the road driving anything else but cars from Espacio Automotor.

Our lot includes different type and models of cars. You will find cars such as



Hatchback vehicles are fun to own and drive, offering you a great interior with a lot of cargo space, coupled with fuel economy and other advantages that have made them a favourite for many people. At Espacio Automotor, you will find different models of hatchbacks manufactured by your favourite car manufacturers. These include the best and latest hatchbacks in the market, such as:

Honda Civic

This is a wonderfully designed compact car with practical interior available in different models. This car comes with amazing features and technologies and is very efficient to drive.

Volkswagen Golf

The latest in a long line of Golf hatchbacks live up to the reputation of previous models. Whether you get the regular model or the sportier GTI version, it is a fantastic car to drive in term of road performance. This car is very affordable, and if you want it faster and with more power, the GTI model is always available for you.

Mazda 3

This car is all sleek and efficiency. With its four-cylinder engine, it is very easy to handle, and the interior further complements it. With an interior that could be mistaken for that of a luxury car, it is definitely a car you will enjoy driving.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla hatchback does not fall short of the quality that we have come to associate with Toyota Corolla products. In fact, it does more with the exterior and interior aesthetics and more features.

Chevy Bolt EV

Looking for an alternative energy car, but you can't afford a Tesla, the Bolt EV is just the alternative you need. Enjoy electric driving at an affordable cost. The excellent infotainment system of the vehicle makes the otherwise regular interior better.

Looking for an alternative energy car, but you can’t afford a Tesla, the Bolt EV is just the alternative you need. Enjoy electric driving at an affordable cost. The excellent infotainment system of the vehicle makes the otherwise regular interior better.

Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles

SUVs rank high if you are looking for a multifunctional vehicle. Be it a family car, a luxury vehicle, or you just need it for business, an SUV can effectively function in all roles, and there is enough variety for you to find the one that best suits your lifestyle. At Espacio Automotor, you will find affordable and comfortable SUVs for any purpose you have in mind, they include:

Buick Encore

In need of a five-seater SUV with outstanding performance that can be further enhanced, this vehicle is the one for you. The car has the signature noise cancellation technologies of Buick that make your drive a serene and comfortable one even in the noisiest traffic. With safety features such as parking assistance, the risk of accidents is greatly reduced.

Toyota Rav4

The latest in the Rav4 generation is an excellent improvement to the older generation. The car comes in standard Four-wheel Drive or optional All-Wheel Drive that makes it a great vehicle for off-road trips. The spacious interior of the vehicle makes it suitable for small families.

Acura RDX

If you are all about the power when it comes to vehicles, this vehicle with its 279 horsepower engine packs all the power you need. It comes with rear cameras for safety, room for five passengers, and sizable cargo space. The engine of this vehicle guarantees high performance on any road.

Mazda CX-5

Yes, Mazda manufactures great cars, and this SUV is an example of that. It is a practical choice for anyone who needs an SUV. It is very easy to drive with the seamless transmission. You can always upgrade it to All Wheel Drive to enjoy it better in any weather.

Ford Escape

The sporty build of this car corresponds with its performance to make it a fantastic ride for anyone ranging from single individuals to family. It comes with standard Four Wheel Drive and turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder engine. The spacious insides of the vehicle provide sufficient room for both passengers and cargo.

There are many other SUV models available.



Are you looking to get a utility vehicle for your business or personal use, then you should know we stock the best. Traditionally built for business, UTEs have fast become a car for everyone, from families to adventurers. At Espacio Automotor, you will find UTEs of different models and varieties. This include:

Toyota Hilux

the prime utility vehicle for all terrains. For decades, this vehicle has proven its mettle on the Australian landscape, and it doesn't look like it will relent anytime soon. Available in different models with petrol or diesel engine, dual or extra cab bodies, cab-chassis or pickup trays, you will find the right choice one for you.

Ford Rangers

The Ford Ranger is the ute you need to move your business forward. This award-wining vehicle offers you all you need in ruggedness, performance, space, and utility. It comes with various features that make your drive more interesting and comfortable.

There are other types of utes available such as Volkswagen Amarok, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navarra, Mitsubishi Triton, Jeep Gladiator, and many more.



Sedans are arguably the most popular type of car you will find on the road, and this is not a mistake. While they may not be the most stylish when it comes to car choices, they are very practical and functional vehicles, and this is why many car owners prefer them. With availability in different sizes from small to mid-size, you have unbeatable options when it comes to choosing the right sedan for you. Our stock includes various models of sedan such as:

Toyota Yaris

Speak of a car that is a complete package for its value, and you probably have this car in mind. The sedan model of the Toyota Yaris is exceptionally fuel-efficient and function well on everyday use.

Volkswagen Jetta GLI

The Jetta has spacious backseat with an efficient 228 horsepower engine that makes it as fast as its sporty counterparts. The car is also very affordable and gives you value for your money.

Hyundai Sonata

If you are going to pick a car for an aesthetic build, then Hyundai Sonata should be top on your list. Its attractive design makes it a standout vehicle anywhere, but this is not all there is to it. Its interior features such as a fantastic infotainment system and elegant and spacious area make it a great ride. It is the most affordable you can get when it comes to luxury sedan vehicles.

Honda Accord

This vehicle is one of the most impressive sedans you can get. With three different power train variety, including a hybrid, it offers you choices in all aspects. Its athletic chassis, seamless handling, and light steering make it a fantastic family car. It comes with additional driver assistance features that ensure a pleasant and enjoyable ride for you.



When it comes to commercial cars, vans rank high in the list of vehicles your business needs. Whether it is for transporting people or moving cargo, it highly effective and practical. Offering the comfort of a regular car with much more space. Vans also have better fuel economy when competed with most SUVs and are very flexible, thus allowing for multipurpose use. When you need to the right van for your business, you can count on us for both quality and durability. You will find premium vans such as:

Mercedes Benz vans

Whether it is minivans such as Metris or much bigger ones such as the V-Class, Sprinter, or Valente, Mercedes Benz produces fantastic multipurpose vans for commercial use. Such vans could be cargo vans or passenger vans and offer comfort and convenience. While the price of these vans may be high, the brand integrity makes them a great purchase.

Ford Transit

If you are looking for a work van, this multipurpose van is the best you can ask for. With the ability to function as crew, cargo, or passenger van, you are free to put it to good use in any area. The driver assistance features of the van make it safe and comfortable to drive.

Honda Odyssey

This is a wonderful family minivan with enough room for you, your family, and all the cargo you want to carry. With enough room for eight people, the vehicle is as comfortable as it gets. It also has rear-seat video feed and a PA system that lets you know what's happening in the backseat and communicate with everyone without turning back. Coupled with this is a fuel-efficient engine, which makes the car an economical acquisition.



The convertible experience is indescribable; it is something you have to experience to understand. It is what makes them a favourite choice for many people who prefer them to their hardtop counterparts. At Espacio Automotor, you will find these drop-top vehicles in different varieties such as:

Porshe Boxster

The magnificence of this car lies in its smooth steering and balanced chassis. While it may not look physically attractive as some other cars in this category, it turbocharged engines coupled with terrific transmissions makes it a fantastic drive anytime.

Mercedes Benz E Class

If it comes from Mercedes, it is definitely great. This convertible lives up to the graceful and classy reputation of Mercedes Benz, it is a less expensive version of the S-Class but comes with the same exquisite design that all Benz cars have. Its twin-turbo V6 engines with nine-speed automatic transmission mean explosive speed with seamless handling.


This two-seat roadster comes close to Porsche Boxster in terms of speed, but you will still get great performance and enjoy your driving. This car comes only as a convertible, with no coupe version and is very affordable when compared with other cars in this category.

Audi A5

This car comes with a spacious cabin and trunk, but it is still a pretty great convertible. With a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, and athletic chassis, you are in for a smooth ride and enjoyable time at the wheels. The car also comes with many tech features that will definitely make your driving better and safer.