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One of the first things to consider when buying a car is the money you will use to buy it. For most people, this even comes before deciding what type or brand of car to get. When it comes to money, there are many ways to go about it. You can use your own money, while this is not a bad idea, it is definitely not the best idea either. Another option is to approach your bank for a car loan. As great as this idea is, the stress of getting such loan and the terms attached to it makes it a little difficult and sometimes, not advisable. This leaves you with one more option – using nonconventional lenders. This could be a fantastic option for you if you go about it the right way, and the right way is to let us at Espacio Automotor handle the Finance process on your behalf.

As a dealership, we have seen multiple instances where lack of or inadequate funds have prevented many from getting their dream cars, we’ve seen people settling for less because their first choice is a few thousand more, our financing services seeks to change this.

By working with lenders, we can refer our customers who need financing to the lenders who want to finance their acquisition. The whole process is a mutually beneficial one where the three parties involved get the best deal. The client is able to afford the car he wants, we make a sale, and the lender gets a client to finance. In this manner, we keep the commerce and economy moving while helping everyone achieve their dreams.

Types of Financing

Types of Financing

Getting the necessary funding for your car is a simple process with us. There are various finance products available, and we help you choose the most suitable after considering your taste and financial position. Available financial products include:

Car Loans

This is the most common financial products, especially for those trying to acquire a personal vehicle. This loan can be secured where the collateral is attached, such as another asset of yours or even the car itself. It could also be an unsecured loan where there is no asset attached as collateral meaning the lender bears more risk. While most traditional lenders will only give secured loans, our lenders give both secured and unsecured car loans with favourable terms.

Hire Purchase

While some use this finance product for personal vehicles, it is mostly reserved for business acquisitions. You can use hire purchase to fund your car when the lender lets you take possession of the car after the agreement but retains the ownership until you fulfil your obligations under such agreement. The dealer plays a major role in the commercial hire purchase agreement with some dealers, even going as far as offering customers this finance product themselves. However, we only help you to connect with the right lender who will give you the hire purchase financing. The terms of this financing are favourable for you or your business with the term lasting for up to five years.

Commercial Lease

You are unlikely to lease a car that you want to be driving personally, but when it comes to business vehicles, a lease could just be the right thing for you. Perhaps you don't need the car on a long-term, or your business relies on the latest vehicle upgrades, in such cases, a lease let you own the car without the financial obligation of buying. You are expected to pay for monthly use of the vehicle, and in some instances, the lease can be renewed or even comes with an option to buy for a nominal fee after some years.

There are also other finance products available, all designed to help you drive your dream car regardless of your financial conditions.

Who Can Get Finance

Who Can Get Finance

Anyone interested in getting a car can get finance. While there are criteria for eligibility, they are not so strict as to disqualify any serious buyer. A high credit score will improve your chances of getting finance, but the most important thing is your financial stability and ability to pay back the loan. Once the lenders are satisfied on these fronts, you are good to go.

Why Use Our Financing


Our financing service is a subsidiary that shares the same goal with the entire dealership – to provide world-class solutions to all your automobile problems. We are happy to provide these solutions when it comes to financing because:

We have a strong relationship with lenders that can be used as leverage

We have an experienced team dedicated to finding the best solutions to your financing issues

We have an experienced team dedicated to finding the best solutions to your financing issues