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If you value your car, auto insurance is the best way to show that. It is essential to protect your property against all risks, and you can only do this by getting the right insurance coverage. With many vendors selling insurance policies, you need to be careful in selecting the most suitable deal for you, so you don’t end up wasting scarce resources. The best decision you can make when it comes to insurance packages is to let an expert handle the process for you. It is safer, faster, and will definitely save you time and resources. You don’t want to be scrutinising and comparing insurance policies when you could be running a business or doing your job. At Espacio Automotor, we have insurance experts ready to relieve you of this burden by helping you with the whole process which include

Why You Need Auto Insurance

Why You Need Auto Insurance

Whether you are running a business or you just got a personal vehicle, auto insurance is the most important insurance you can get, in fact, it is the most prevalent too. This is because:

Auto Insurance is usually made compulsory by the law. While policies such as health or life insurance may be voluntary, there is a need to protect you and other road users too, so auto insurance is made compulsory.

Having insurance on your vehicle covers the cost of replacement when your car is stolen or damaged.

Insurance can also protect you from financial liability by providing support when you damage another’s property.

Insurance protects your vehicle and even you in an accident where the other driver who is at fault does not have insurance.

Road accidents sometimes come with litigation; you can defray the cost of litigation with your insurance.

  • Given all these reasons why you should get insurance, you will understand its significance and how crucial it is that you get it right. Getting it right means getting an insurance policy that sufficiently protects your car in every manner and gives you all the benefit mentioned above. The basic auto insurance that is compulsory under the law will not give you all that benefit, so you have to ensure you get a comprehensive one.

    At this point, you are probably thinking of the cost of comprehensive insurance. Yes, it is more expensive, but this is only because of the value you will get from it. Letting us take care of your insurance needs ensures the cost remains affordable, and you still get full value. Comprehensive auto insurance offers a cost-effective solution to all risks associated with owning and driving a car. This includes damage or loss caused by theft, fire, accidents, and vandalism. It also covers legal liability in the event of damage to another’s property, bodily injury, and in fatal circumstances, death.

Switching Your Insurance Policy

Switching Your Insurance Policy

The mistake most people make when getting insurance is to do it on their own, thinking they have saved the small cost that would be paid to expert in fees. By the time they realise that they have only incurred more cost on an unfavourable deal, it is too late to back out. However, it is not really too late. Switching your insurance company for another that offers better insurance, rates, and customer service is not a bad idea at all. You just need to make sure you do it right.

Doing it right will depend on many factors since the Insurance policy is a contract. There are times when the policy contains an option to alter or switch after giving notification to the vendor, and you could also have to change due to the new circumstances. All you have to do is reach out to your insurance company and inform them of your needs, if they can provide such needs and you’re comfortable with staying with them, good. If not, you can find a better insurance carrier.

However, always ensure that there is no lapse in coverage when switching from one insurance to another. This means that the date of termination for the former policy must also be the day a new one begins. The devil is in the details most times, so read the fine prints to ensure that your property is covered and prevent the costly mistake of driving a car without insurance on it. If your vehicle becomes damaged or stolen without any insurance on it, you will experience the real meaning of loss.

Who Can Use Our Insurance Services?

Who Can Use Our Insurance Services?

Our insurance service connects car owners with insurance companies in different parts of Australia, and anyone who owns a vehicle, whether for commercial or personal use can use this service.