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Having a car comes with a lot of benefits in comfort and convenience. However, for you to fully enjoy these benefits, you must also perform specific tasks. One such task is the regular maintenance of your vehicle. It is only with maintenance that your vehicle would last for as long as it should, and you will avoid the disappointments that come with a breakdown due to mechanical faults. At Espacio Automotor, we are passionate about all things automobile and dedicated to ensuring cars are in the best roadworthy state they can ever be. This is why we provide mechanical services for all types and brands of vehicles. Our mechanical service is in two categories:


These are regular tasks that must be performed for your car to function effectively. Maintenance services are routine services based on a schedule, and while you can perform some of these services yourself, you need the help of experts for most of them. Most cars come with guidelines on their maintenance and how often each maintenance task must be done if the vehicle is to work efficiently. At Espacio Automotor, we follow these guidelines to the letter when servicing your car.


Regardless of how religiously you follow the maintenance schedule for your car, there are times when the car would develop faults either due to wear and tear or any other reason. When such happens, you need trusted mechanics and technicians who can identify the problem and solve it immediately. You need an expert who will use original spare parts when replacing a damaged or spoiled part of your vehicle. This is what you get when you let us handle your repairs for you.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

By now, you already know how essential repairs and maintenance are for your car. What you may not know is how important the mechanic handling your repairs and maintenance is to the whole process. The truth is the mechanic can make or mar the entire process. An inefficient mechanic can turn a small issue into a big problem that will cost you a lot more. This is why you should only work with only expert mechanics, which we have in multiples at Espacio Automotor. Our mechanical service offers you the following advantages:

Experienced Team

  • Our mechanics know the ins and outs of different type of cars. This knowledge is obtained through adequate training, experience, and continuous education. We strictly follow manufacturer guideline on the maintenance of vehicles while ensuring that nothing is missed in the process.

Excellent Diagnostics

  • identifying the problem is half solving it. When you bring in a car for repairs, the first thing we do after hearing your complaints is to run a comprehensive diagnostic test on the car to determine all that is wrong with it, both the things you complained about and the ones you didn't.

Top-notch servicing

  • Our team well trained to understand the business culture of providing quality service. So each repair or maintenance task is performed using the best practices and technologies. Excellence is our watchword.